The Alderney Navigation Crystal (Viking Sun Stone)

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This unique pack contains crystal, information leaflet and black drawstring pouch.

Otherwise known as Optical Calcite or Icelandic Spar.

The name is given to a crystal found on the Alderney Wreck which is believed to have sank off the coast of Alderney in November 1592 just four years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada during the reign of Elizabeth I.

The wreck remained lost for 500 years until an Alderney fisherman located it in his nets while fishing.

Viking legend tells of a sunstone that, when held up to the sky, revealed the position of the sun, even on overcast days or below the horizon.

Studies have been undertaken and it is now revealed that Icelandic Spar has magical optical qualities capable of double polarisation of light shining through it even when the sun is obscured by fog or cloud. Thus, allowing points of the compass and degrees to be calculated quite accurately.

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