Tumble Stones

Tumble Stones Information

Tumble stones are becoming very fashionable objects. More and more people are wanting to own a selection of tumble stones for a variety of different reasons. There is no strict rule on what should be done with them. Love them and look at them, play with them, stroke them, put them in your pocket or wear them around your neck, take them to bed, place them under your pillow, or use them however you will.

The use of crystals for healing is an age old practice which in recent years has been reintroduced into the modern world and because of the amazing responses users are receiving, believers want to discover the effects for themselves. Non-believers want to believe so these people are eager to give it a try. Very often non-believers are converted to believers. Whether or not crystals can actually heal, the use of crystals has helped to heal and will continue to do so.

The tumble stones we stock are all natural minerals which have been tumble polished to a high degree to form attractive smooth rounded stones which are comfortable to hold and stimulating to the senses.

For those who are not interested in crystal healing, there is still the desire to possess these aesthetically pleasing objects.